Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Employers Expectation: A knowledge sharing session by Madam Rohayah Ruslan

Update : Ouch it hurts, SlideShare now owned by LinkedIn, they blocked this slide. Hurmm.. why?

Peace be upon you and Hello,
During November 2014, my Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FSKTM,UTHM) has held an special carnival event for 3rd year undergraduates called "Karnival Kerjaya Terfokus FSKTM".

There a lot of speaker are invited from industrial areas such MSTB (Malaysia Software Testing Board), Animonsta studios and more to share they knowledges. But a speaker from IIUM (International Islamic University Malaysia) which is Madam Rohayah Ruslan (Lecturer in ICT Department at IIUM) has changes my life into a better man after the carnival event. Lot of thing that I learned from her experience. The sharing session by her had caught my attention so much. Btw, here I share my scanned copy of slides handouts during the sharing session about Employers Expectation by her which discussed in 8 different topic.

Sorry about the scribble on the paper, I love to take note. Hope you all don't mind about it. See you later, bye!

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