Saturday, January 3, 2015

IRC still alive

/server /join #kampung

Suddenly got IRC invitation from #JomWEB @ freenode then quickly install MiRC client to join the discussion about programming, UI and UX stuff, it has been a while i'm not active in IRC. Who uses MIRC these days? Just some people around the globe because people are comfortable with facebook and twitter nowadays for discussion. Sometimes there still exist company that use IRC on internal servers for internal communications.

This IRC communication was optimized for 56k modem such as dail-up which used by our ISP long times ago. Now are streamyx/unifi era but it still ok to use IRC. Don't forget IRC has XDCC! Which you can download files from channel. I used too at #sedut (the server now has been seize and take down by Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM)). Thus XDCC are famous to download anime at IRC parser pack list such, and more but you need to connect with the server that they use like

If you are looking for Malaysia IRC server, just connet with the (Listening on ports : 6660-6669, 7000 or SSL ports : 6697) which i attach the image above. The famous room or channel are #kampung and #uitm. Wonder, are UTHM has they own IRC spot? Who knows.. btw last time (around 2012) i tried to connect using IRC at the residential college and the connection was failure because the filtered port at our university proxy server.


  1. Heya.. LOL.. Thought there is no more user playing IRC (for chatting). IRC is a such a great medium for programmer.. Feel free to visit our server at /server . We are using JiServ services same services as IRC Jiwang and we are one of the staff there long time ago.

    IRC Jiwang is the best! Now, we run our own server, but using JiServ serviecs. :)

  2. /server ( new server )