Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Let's learn Dot Net!

Peace be upon you and Hi, Today I decided to learn C# programming language which is part of Dot Net framework by Microsoft but let's take a look about what I have been doing in past few week ago and the reason behind of my decision. I do some research about which programming language are trending now and currently out there in Malaysia, there are lot of Java and PHP expert, some of them are still teenage (13-18 Years old) and already do fantastic IT project.

That is a good thing but when too many bunch of Java and PHP programmer made the job availability are getting lower than before. This situation are not good for someone who seek a job position. So I check the available technologies that suit me and guarantee me a job position (Insya Allah) then I realize Dot Net are more mature than before (I already involve with Dot Net in 2010 for RIMS – Restaurant Information Management System project during diploma at Polytechnic Ungku Omar). Lot of changes happen and Visual Studio IDE are awesome than ever!

Software architecture are great to explore, Microsoft offer a lots of platform such Windows desktop, Windows phone, Windows RT and Azure the cloud based platform too. What an excitement!

Currently mobile apps are trending ones, with Cordova Apache and Xamarin I can use the existing knowledge to shift and create hybrid or native mobile application too. For web development, I know PHP are favor because most of people think PHP are cheaper for software production and Java offer enterprise level of software. But how can we (software engineer) live with the same capabilities? I seek a unique strength and powerful knowledge to learn. That why I decide to learn about dot net and start with C# programming which offer platform to build console, mobile, desktop and web application too. Now I just share my personal opinion about my future career, what about you?

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