Sunday, March 8, 2015

A new way to reset your Windows Phone (Lumia Special Phone Reset)

Windows Phone users usually reset their phone using the hardware button or by going to the About section in the settings menu. But both of these require several steps to be followed. But this new way just asks you to enter a number in the Dialer to reset your phone.

To reset you just NEED TO type this in the Dialer : ##777#

As soon as you enter the number, a pop up will appear asking you to either reset/cancel.

This way of reset won't delete your Downloaded Maps or the Network Settings. So, this is actually a type of Factory Reset which would change the settings back to as they were when the phone was first booted. And again I would say, that it won't delete the Maps Data or affect network settings. And, yes this trick doesn’t work in the Emergency Call Dialer.

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