Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sublime Text - Reformat (beautify) source code for html / css / php / json / js /pthon

Just sharing ST2/3 package to beautify html/css/php/json/js/pthon codes. Mostly I use phpstorm to reformat code within my project files. But when I need to edit a single files, sublime-text are my choice. Just open ugly code file with ST, press ctrl+alt+f or ctrl+shift+p and type "format" and press enter, Ohh, I am very glad to see this clean structured codes.

Install this tool by searching "CodeFormatter" from package install control.
Read the instruction and details from here (

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  1. I want it to appear like this (and I can do that by deleting all newlines in the atom HTML in plain text mode and saving).psd to wordpress