Sunday, November 1, 2015

XAMPP - Mailer Error: Extension missing: openssl

I helped my friend to build a web based system and we have a features that allow system to send new password if users forgot they password. I use PhpMailer class for the mailing function. On top of that, we use stack XAMPP as our production playground. Then I found this problem :
Mailer Error: Extension missing: openssl

After some google-fu, I need to enable OpenSSL extension from my PHP configuration file. So, just open C:/xampp/php/php.ini with you favorite text editor such notepad++, sublime-text or else. Then goto line 636 and remove ; and just left extension=php_openssl.dll and save your files. Now restart Apache, MySQL services and problem solved.


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  2. I have removed ; though i m able to recover by this problem