Saturday, December 19, 2015

Checklist for Review of Use Case Specification

 Topic  Question  (Answer : Yes → Continue to next, No → add finding in review template)
Use case title
  1. Is the title an active phase (i.e 'verb'+'noun') expressing the goal of the primary actor?
  2. Can the goal be archived by the system?
  1. Is the use case triggered by at least one (primary) actor?
  2. Is the primary actor the first in the list of actor?
  3. Are all actors of the use case listed?
  1. Is the precondition formulated as a condition that either true or false?
  2. Is the system able to check the precondition?
  3. Is it true that no checking of precondition is also done in the use case senario?
Post condition
  1. Is the post condition formulated as a condition that is either true or false?
  2. Is the system able to check the post condition?
  3. Can the post conditions always be met after a succesful development?
Primary path
  1. Is described with 3 to 9 steps?
  2. Do the steps describes a consistent scenario leading from trigger to archived post condition?
  3. Are branches and loops described as such?
  4. At condition in the flow: Is it defined what procedure shall be taken if the condition is not fulfilled?
For every step
  1. Can all steps be succesfully executed?
  2. Is it clear in all steps who is the acting actor?
  3. It is clear in all steps what the actor need to accomplish?
  4. Is none of the steps too complex?
  5. Is there no design description in all step (e.g description of UI)?
  6. Is it unambiguous, what information is processed in each step?
  7. Is each step described actively from the view of the acting actor or the system?
Alternative paths
  1. Are all alternative paths in the identical business context?
  2. For all alternative path perform the check check as described above the primary actor.
Overall view (Use case diagram)
  1. Are all the relevant use cases shown in the use case diagram?
  2. Do all actors have connection to at least one use case?
  3. Do all <<include>> and <<extend>> relationship make sense?
  4. Is the syntax of the UML diagram are correct (e.g. actor symbols, stereotypes <<actor>>, <<include>> and <<extend>>, labelling of the system and use case, lines for relationship, etc) ?

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