Saturday, December 19, 2015

Fedora 23 - Installling KompoZer version 0.8 beta 3

Today I need to wrote HTML table very quick and I dont have time to play with matching tag. So I need WYSIWYG tool such KompoZer. I searched the package via DNF command but KompoZer are not available in Fedora repository. After google-fu, I found this website. I tried to install and boom! Success! Yeah
$ wget
$ sudo dnf install kompozer-0.8-0.4.b3.i386.rpm 

Last metadata expiration check performed 1:43:44 ago on Sat Dec 19 13:54:44 2015.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                 Arch     Version                Repository        Size
 GConf2                  i686     3.2.6-15.fc23          fedora           1.0 M
 ORBit2                  i686     2.14.19-14.fc23        fedora           178 k
 atk                     i686     2.18.0-1.fc23          fedora           259 k
 avahi-glib              i686     0.6.31-43.fc23         fedora            15 k
 avahi-libs              i686     0.6.31-43.fc23         fedora            61 k
 cairo                   i686     1.14.2-2.fc23          fedora           754 k
 cups-libs               i686     1:2.1.2-1.fc23         updates          402 k
 dbus-glib               i686     0.104-3.fc23           fedora           123 k
 gamin                   i686     0.1.10-18.fc23         fedora           133 k
 gdk-pixbuf2             i686     2.32.3-1.fc23          updates          447 k
 gdk-pixbuf2-modules     i686     2.32.3-1.fc23          updates           97 k
 glib2                   i686     2.46.2-1.fc23          updates          2.3 M
 gnome-vfs2              i686     2.24.4-19.fc23         fedora           388 k
 graphite2               i686     1.2.4-5.fc23           fedora            91 k
 gstreamer1              i686     1.6.2-1.fc23           updates          1.1 M
 gtk2                    i686     2.24.29-1.fc23         updates          3.4 M
 harfbuzz                i686     1.0.6-1.fc23           updates          182 k
 jasper-libs             i686     1.900.1-31.fc23        fedora           151 k
 keyutils-libs           i686     1.5.9-7.fc23           fedora            45 k
 kompozer                i386     1:0.8-0.4.b3           @commandline     9.7 M
 krb5-libs               i686     1.14-3.fc23            updates          856 k
 libIDL                  i686     0.8.14-10.fc23         fedora            89 k
 libXft                  i686     2.3.2-3.fc23           fedora            62 k
 libXt                   i686     1.1.5-2.fc23           fedora           174 k
 libart_lgpl             i686     2.3.21-13.fc23         fedora            72 k
 libbonobo               i686     2.32.1-8.fc22          fedora           432 k
 libbonoboui             i686     2.24.5-9.fc23          fedora           346 k
 libcanberra             i686     0.30-10.fc23           fedora            85 k
 libcom_err              i686     1.42.13-3.fc23         fedora            45 k
 libdatrie               i686     0.2.8-6.fc23           fedora            32 k
 libglade2               i686     2.6.4-13.fc23          fedora            68 k
 libgnome                i686     2.32.1-10.fc23         fedora           744 k
 libgnome-keyring        i686     3.12.0-5.fc23          fedora           114 k
 libgnomecanvas          i686     2.30.3-10.fc23         fedora           233 k
 libgnomeui              i686     2.24.5-11.fc23         fedora           790 k
 libtdb                  i686     1.3.8-1.fc23           updates           52 k
 libthai                 i686     0.1.21-2.fc23          fedora           193 k
 libverto                i686     0.2.6-5.fc23           fedora            21 k
 openssl-libs            i686     1:1.0.2e-3.fc23        updates          993 k
 pango                   i686     1.38.1-1.fc23          fedora           284 k
 pixman                  i686     0.33.4-1.fc23          updates          233 k
 polkit-libs             i686     0.113-4.fc23           fedora            70 k
 popt                    i686     1.16-6.fc23            fedora            60 k

Transaction Summary
Install  43 Packages

Total size: 27 M
Total download size: 17 M
Installed size: 94 M
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