Tuesday, May 3, 2016

MSSQL - Check Microsoft SQL server version information

Peace be upon you, I tried to copy database from network server to localhost server and the operation are failed and it give me notice that said:
The destination server cannot be a SQL Server 2005 or later Express instance.
From the error message, we know that my MSSQL server on my network using old MSSQL version which is 2005. But how to check it by yourself? It is very simple, just open new query and type SELECT @@VERSION, the you will get the MYSSQL server version information..wo0t! Just a simple knowledge sharing here, I hope it useful for us. Wassalam~

Note : If you get message just like I quote above, it mean you can't copy database but you can export to *.mdf and *.ldf file via right click on database > "task" > "export" as you working solution :)

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